About Us

The Maybridge Group was formed in 2015 as a Multi-Family Office service provider to cater to the specific international wealth management needs of four multi-generational families. The principals recruited some of the brightest and most experienced minds in international finance and set to work on creating a platform and infrastructure that would deliver a new and unique value proposition for ultra-high net worth families. Coupling state of the art technology, technical know-how and industry intelligence Maybridge has succeeded in extracting pure value from financial counterparties, delivering best of breed service quality at institutional pricing. 


Our founders and management team, have strategically created an international group of qualified and licensed business entities that can freely and actively collaborate to deliver customized, focused and timely results to our select group of Clients. We have also mindfully created a model where the success of our Clients aligns directly with the success of our business and the individuals who create and contribute to ongoing results. 

We offer an extensive suite of services and solutions to select clients who are seeking qualified, experienced, reliable and trust worthy advisors to create, manage and attain their complex personal and business goals.